School wants parent to do work with student at home. IEP meeting

The parent was overwhelmed by caring for the child before we even entered the IEP meeting.  Discussion developed and some of the related service personnel insisted that the mother do a quantity of exercises with the child at home. I indicated that the parent was here at the meeting to learn what the school plans to do for the child for the upcoming year; this got discussion back on track.

Do you feel manipulated in IEP meetings? Our advocates are aware how parents may be bamboozled in IEP meetings and not even realize it!   It’s important for parents to set the tone of the relationship with the school early on.  Parents should be respected; not manipulated. WIth an advocate at your side, the school will see you are serious about your child’s education and expect the school to play their role.


Parents in Kansas who need help dealing with the public school for their child with an IEP can consult with a professional special education advocate at The IEP Center.   Advocates also help parents when the parent wants an advocate to go to a meeting at the school with them!  Never go alone.

Parents often need to work to make sure the pubic school system isn’t failing their child.  Passing grades doesn’t necessarily mean your child is learning.

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