About advocates

Special Education Parent’s Advocacy Link LLC was founded by advocate Marilyn McClure. Marilyn’s background includes:

  • BS Secondary Education.  K-12 certification in Missouri
  • Trained parents  on IEP process statewide in Missouri
  • Independent Paralegal credential:  CRP
  • Legal Assistant Certificate Program completion, Missouri Western State College
  • worked for law firm representing parents in IDEA matters
  • taught Middle School Art in both public and private schools
  • former  Missouri’s hearing officer  who served on IDEA due process panels
  • former parent policy partner MO DMH at KC Regional Center
  • MODESE-trained IEP facilitator
  • COPAA member
  • assists parents through mediation when your state education agency provides the free mediator

Parents direct the advocate.  We are not attorneys, and do not give advice.  Since we do not represent a parent, we can go to mediation with a parent under the IDEA.    Animosity by the school may be less when a parent appears with a non-attorney advocate.

4 thoughts on “About advocates

  1. Hi I am a Mom of a 10 year old fourth grader. She has an IEP and as far as I can tell she does not get the help she is suppose to get from her IEP. I am new to all this and I don’t know where to go from here. I still don’t believe that they are giving my daughter the correct help either. I have contacted the school and told them I am concerned that my daughter may even have dyslexia and that I would like to have her tested. The Teacher has made the comment that it was a medical diagnosis that the school doesnt screen for dyslexia. I called her Doctor and she says that it is the schools responsilblity. How do I go about having my daughter tested and how do I get the school to follow her IEP?

    • Schools often don’t tell parents that a parent can request in writing that the school test their child for learning disabilities and for elibibility for an accomodation plan under 504 and an IEP under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

      As soon as a parent suspects something might be going on with their child, this is a request a parent would want to pursue. The systems move slowly!


  2. Hi my son is 5 years old with moderate to severe autism he is currently in a ABA center but I want to transition him into kindergarten next fall but the public school here in Topeka only wants to give him 30 minutes of speech therapy once a week and I think he needs a lot more we was thinking of moving to the Shawnee mission school district do you think they would offer more any info would be great before making a GIANT move thanks

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