Kansas parents enroll IEP special ed students

As parents in Kansas enroll their IEP student for school year 2014-15, they may not be aware school’s  staff doesn’t really understand the needs of the child.  This is why the Congress put the IEP process into place and the opportunity for a parent to trigger evaluations.the-iep-center (800x640)

Parents can check to see how many years’ have passed since the school last did a COMPLETE evaluation of the child to assess all areas of SUSPECTED disability.  Parents can request the school do this after one year has passed.

Also, parents can trigger the school to pay for outside evaluations, called “Independent Educational Evaluations”.  There are parameters for this including that it is triggered by the parent as a result of the parent’s disagreement with the evaluation conducted by the school district.

Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE) often prove helpful to both the student and staff since the IEE often points out areas that need to be addressed.

Parents in Kansas who need help dealing with the public school for their child with an IEP can consult with a professional special education advocate at The IEP Center.   Advocates also help parents when the parent wants an advocate to go to a meeting at the school with them!  Never go alone.

Parents often need to work to make sure the public school system isn’t failing their child.  Passing grades doesn’t necessarily mean your child is learning.rsz_diversityboyinclasslookingatbook

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8 year-old IEP student; police called

Student with IEP who has well-known behavior concerns as documented in the special education paperwork at the school experienced the public school calling the city police to deal with his behaviors.  Behavior experts were not called upon by the school to determine or implement a revised behavior management plan.  The student’s disability is his behaviors which manifest  routinely.

I wonder what this student’s wrap sheet looks like.NICHCYphotoWorried

Seems the educators overlooked in-house approaches to helping this student.

Parents need to be aware of the need to engage school district personnel in advance of a student’s meltdown at the school.  The school can utilize behavior specialists to tailor a program specific to the child so it would be less likely that law enforcement would be called.  Often districts don’t utilize specialists in the community who are behavior specialist.  However, schools are becoming more aware of the advantages of using them.

Advocates at the IEP Center help parents deal with school struggles.

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IEP Change of Placement “Temporary”?

The IEP “team” tells a parent that a “temporary” change of placement is homebound with no services for a month.  The parent is told this “temporary” situation is so that everyone can regroup and the student can be allowed time to calm down.  Student had exhibited some inappropriate behaviors at school for several months.  Parent is presented with paperwork to sign.  After all, the parent had been reported for the student’s truancy the year before when the student was aggressive at school and the parent was concerned the school would hotline her again if she didn’t sign the paperwork that the school is now insisting on. Image

A “change of placement” typically  is not a temporary scenario.  In this instance, school staffers were tired of dealing with the student’s behaviors and didn’t utilize available outside resources to rectify the situation.  Sending the student to “homebound” was a quick and easy approach to eliminate the problem.  After all, the parent doesn’t know any better!

The parent is concerned that she would lose employment during the one-month homebound scenario.  Decisions made by schools impact more than just one student.  Sometimes the tipping point to meltdown for a family is just moments away.

Some public schools continue to bamboozle parents because they can and continue to do so and will continue until that somebody takes a stand for a child and reports the district for the shenanigans.

Advocates at The IEP Center provide information to parents so the parent can advocate effectively for their child.  Time is precious for our children.

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Kansas State Board to discuss future legislation Sept. 17; special ed?

Does Kansas need to change special ed procedures?  Sept. 17, 2013, is an opportunity for the public to address the state board since later that afternoon they are discussing:
Legislative Matters
Discuss possible legislative policy recommendations for the 2014
legislative session
Receive 2013 interim legislative study topics and committee assign-