IEP meetings in Kansas go nowhere for special education student

Student struggles with going to public school and doesn’t want to go anymore.  Parent requests and attends IEP meetings where solutions offered are not addressing student’s needs.  Repeated meetings do not lead to productive outcomes. rsz_meeting7

One way to avoid repeated fruitless IEP meetings is to take it out of that sphere and to a level where the players are different, the parent  has more clout, and the game is differentmediation. Congress put mediation in place for us (parents) and it’s where parents can allow the district to “make up” for the district’s past errors.  A mediator is provided free by the state.  MEDIATION IS NOT LIKE AN IEP MEETING!

Parents who had more than one meeting over the same topics with no positive results can consider mediation–it’s relatively quick compared to other approaches.

Contact our advocates who are experienced in supporting parents before and during mediation.  Setting up mediation can be tricky!  It’s what parents don’t know that deprive our children of services.

Some districts are difficult to work with, and make it difficult for parents to navigate.  That’s where the advocates at The IEP Center ™ can help. We help parents over the phone, and, often in one hour empower the parent!   Don’t let another semester go by with a child struggling needlessly. To get started, visit the website to set up a one-hour phone consult

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