Kansas special ed student with ADHD, anxiety and depression

Student struggles continuously in social situations, especially at recess and unstructured settings (library, lunch); sometimes picked on by other children and teased at recess.

Parents have done their best over the years and child sees outside psychological rsz_withbook-300x198boyinlibraryprofessional regularly.  That “system” has provided the parents with terms like “ADHD”, “depression”, “anxiety”.

Many times in the public school “system”, these children are found eligible for special education under an eligibility category called “Other Health Impaired” (OHI).  Other students may be eligible for accommodations under a “504” plan.

However, in the mainstream, some of these children are considered to be affected by “Asperger Syndrome”.  Wikipedia provides a definition worth pondering. Multiple, beneficial resources of information exist for parents and schools of these children.

AngelsenseRunnerJPEG  Don’t let your child miss out on lifetime skills! Many IEP teams don’t know to include these into the child’s program.  The advocates at The IEP Center™ help parents deal with the school for our kids’ with special needs.

Advocates at The IEP Center help parents solve IEP problems by providing information so they can advocate for the child with special needs at the public school.  Don’t be bamboozled!  Waiting and hoping for problems to go away allows our children to regress.  Hoping the problem will go away will only delay the problem.

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